Volumetric (Dimensional) Weight

Volumetric (Dimensional) Weight is a transportation industry term referring to the density of cargo or a package, which determines how the shipment will be billed: according to its actual weight, or to its cubic volume (that is, the space it occupies on an aircraft or vehicle).

The Formulas

For INTERNATIONAL shipments:

To determine the cubic volume in pounds (lbs), measure the three dimensions of your shipment in inches and multiple them together (height x length x width). Then divide this product by the number 139. That is the volumetric weight.

To calculate in kilograms (kgs) instead, measure in centimeters and divide the product (or “cm3”) by 5,000.

For DOMESTIC shipments:

Divide the cubic volume in inches by the number 194 for the volumetric weight in pounds (lbs).

Shippers generally will be charged the greater of the two assessed weight values: Actual or Volumetric

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