OCS wants to make sure your shipments are totally protected. When you complete the OCS “cwb” airbill, please make sure to:

  1. Describe the contents in the space provided (for international shipments you may elaborate on the required Commercial Invoice)
  2. Indicate the “Declared Value for Customs” for international shipments in the space provided
  3. Check off the “Yes” if you want OCS to insure your shipment or the “No” box if you do not.
  4. Indicate the “Value for Insurance” in the space provided.
  • Note that the “Value for Insurance” may not exceed the ‘Declared Value for Customs” for an international shipment.
  • If there is any missing information, OCS will hold your shipment until we can obtain it from you. That’s the best way to ensure that your shipment will be protected.
  • If OCS typically fulfills or prepares your shipments in our facility, and executes airbills and paperwork on your behalf, we may contact you for email confirmation regarding insurance, or you may send us a single email authorizing OCS to purchase insurance on your behalf, for all future shipments, at the applicable rate.

OCS current 2013 Insurance rate are:

  • .01 Commercial ($12 minimum)
  • .04 Personal or Household Goods ($12 minimum)
  • .05 for Restricted Commodities
  • Ceramics
  • Chinaware
  • Silverware
  • Crystal Glass
  • Marble, Stone Tile
  • Porcelain, Vitreous China
  • Antiques
  • Works of Art
  • $50,000 maximum coverage for Works of Art & Antiques
  • Deductible minimum $500 or 5% of insured value for Restricted Commodities
  • Deductible of 20% of value for all shipments to Mexico
  • OCS will do its best to obtain insurance carrier riders for Restricted Commodities, but we cannot guarantee it, and we will not ship without having obtained your special rider.

Compensation for insurance shall be determined by the contents' replacement or reconstitution cost based on intrinsic material value, but without reference to its commercial utility or to consequential loss, or to production cost of replicable recorded media.

Prohibited Commodities

OCS will not accept for shipment any of the prohibited commodities below:

  • Animals (live)
  • Animal products
  • Bullion
  • Currency
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Gambling devices
  • Human remains
  • Items of contraband
  • Ivory
  • Military equipment
  • Negotiable checks
  • Pornography
  • Tobacco

Restricted Commodities

OCS will accept for shipment the restricted commodities below in some cases, but OCS must approve each individual shipment in advance.

Customs regulations vary greatly by country, and lists of importable items change frequently, so it is important that you contact your local OCS station to determine acceptability.

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Antiques
  • Drugs, prescription and non-prescription
  • Fine arts
  • Jewelry, precious stones, metals
  • Medical samples (biological)
  • Personal Effects

Special Commodities

OCS will accept for shipment the special commodities below in some cases, but OCS must approve each individual shipment in advance. Contact your local OCS branch to determine acceptability.

  • Hazardous/Dangerous goods; combustible material
  • Perishables
  • Plants, Seeds

OCS reserves the right to make final determination of classification for all commodities. OCS also reserves the right to open and inspect any packages tendered to it for carriage, and to refuse shipment of any packages whose contents are deemed to be prohibited, restricted, or harmful to other material.

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