OCS serves some 2,000 academic institutions around the world, providing diverse logistics services for recruitment, admissions, and marketing departments at the MBA, Graduate, Undergraduate, and Community College levels.

Key services include the shipping of exhibit materials to international recruiting events, storage, inventory and fulfillment for individual institutions, and logistical planning for event or tour organizers. OCS is the primary shipping company for private and public sponsors of overseas events.

OCS can play a vital role in a total distribution strategy, including address data management, fulfillment & packaging, global mail, express shipping, and inventory management.

OCS maintains its own worldwide express courier and heavy cargo network, with proprietary or exclusive agent stations on every continent to complete the destination end of our client projects.

OCS now offers the storage & fulfillment component at no charge to shipping customers.

The service helps you by saving storage space and labor (packing, shipping). We can take direct shipments from your printers and other suppliers and report inventory to you on our web portal. We will pull from your stock and fulfill the variable quantities of each publication / product type you allocate to each event.

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