Customs Brokerage


All OCS courier services and most OCS freight services include automatic customs clearance at the overseas port of entry.

This brokerage service is invisible to the shipping customer, and, unless there are duties or taxes to be paid overseas, performed at no charge to the consignee (recipient). It is inclusive in our door-to-door service. We may need the consignee to provide Power of Attorney or other documents to complete this process.

For “Airport to Airport” or “Door to Airport” shipments, as designated by the shipping customer, OCS will clear at the expense of the consignee (recipient) or turn over clearance documents to the consignee’s designated Customs Broker upon request.

In some instances, even with a door-to-door shipment, a consignee may request its own Customs Broker to clear. In this situation, OCS will contact the paying customer (shipper) for authorization. For “Collect” shipments, where freight charges are paid by the consignee, clearance method will be the decision of the consignee.

Duties and taxes, if applicable, are normally charged to the overseas recipient. ”DDP” (Deliver Duty PrePaid) service is acceptable to selected OCS destinations, in which case these charges are billed back to the shipper. All special event & exhibition shipments will be handled as DDP, to ensure that there are no delays and that there is no responsibility overseas for duty payment.

OCS will handle your transactions according to the INCOTERMS you specify.


All OCS courier services and most OCS freight services for inbound shipments also include automatic, free customs clearance at the U.S. port of entry, for documents, printed matter, and most non-document (dutiable) shipments. Your inbound packages will be delivered seamlessly to your door. In the event that there are duties or taxes levied by U.S. Customs, OCS will contact you to advise you of these charges. Your local OCS office can arrange customs clearance of your inbound freight shipments, in the event that you have arranged a direct shipment from overseas to your local port, and need to make a formal entry to U.S. Customs. OCS will guide you through the complete process.

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