Logistics Management

OCS can provide multiple in-house services and design a custom distribution cycle for your product, equipment, publications, or EC inventory. We have the assets to manage your project, to include handling the complete physical process.

  • 100,000 combined (in-house) warehouse square footage
  • Our own OCS staff
  • OCS Network Transportation
  • 400 global stations
  • Customs Brokerage & Duty / Tax Resolution Department

Customers can save time, storage space, and labor commitment. We’ll help you choose a single or multi-modal transportation method:

  • Direct Cargo Transportation
  • Express Courier
  • Global Mail

You can build the scope:

  • Fulfillment & Inventory Management
  • Flexible INCOTERMS, Customs Brokerage if you need it
  • Express / Deferred Economy
  • Milestone reporting
  • Data, bar code, and label generation
  • Online billing and product control

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